Korfball is awesome! Dynamic, inclusive and really social. Colchester Wildcats has been all of those things. We currently aren’t training but I am looking to re-launch. To do this I really need to get a good number of people confirmed as interested. I can then run a taster session with a fantastic turn out and […]

Unfortunately Colchester Wildcats Korfball club has folded. We were unable to maintain high enough numbers in the club to remain viable. There is still Korfball going on in Colchester at Essex Blades Korfball Club so check them out if you are interested in giving Korfball a try. Thanks to everyone who was involved in Colchester […]

Now what sort of event would call itself ‘Soup’?! A pretty good one as it turns out! A community initiative originating in Detroit has made the trans-Altantic journey and landed in Colchester. This is how it works. Pay some money to get in and get free soup. Yum! But there’s more to it than soup…..there’s […]

A message from former Chairperson and Coach of Colchester Wildcats, Ben Hall: ‘After another sudden drop in training attendance I decided to step down as Chairperson and Coach. The process of building up numbers was going to take too much time away from time spent with my wife and children and after two and a […]

We are very excited to announce that we’re running a taster session on the 9th of October at Holmwood House. Check out our awesome flyer below. The great thing about korfball is that it’s a really easy sport to pick up and you don’t need any specialist equipment. Thursday the 9th of October is a […]